Sunday Music – Happy Birthday Wolfbernz

So it’s Wolfbernz birthday, well not really it was on the 31st of March but we are going to celebrate it today.

Both sons, their wives and his little man ( the grandson) are coming over to hang out. I am taking them to church with us today, ok I’m dragging one – but that’s ok. We are not the biggest church goers but we are family people and we do like values and morals… Something that is lacking in today’s society. Especially after stopping by and reading Cheryl’s post today.

So I hope they don’t mind, they said it would be his day, so what a better way to start a family day than church, lunch and a movie, yep that’s it but there better be cake involved… LOL Wolfbernz LOVES CAKE!!!

It’s even a warm and sunny spring day 🙂 Does it get any better? Family fun, lots of love and happiness!
After all isn’t that what it is supposed to be all about. So if you happen by make sure to wish Wolfbernz a Happy Birthday in the comments.

Have a great Sunday
PS. Thanks for all you do for us here on BlogDumps!

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