Saturday’s Featured Blog!


I stopped by this blog before it became a featured blog – just poking around as we all do.

I found myself falling right into the page, it has a great appeal and, well, being an animal lover there were baby cheetahs in a post titled The Whoosh of Rain Forests, the Rustle of Savannas – well you know the rest…lol – I had a good time and found the Arkist Blog informative and a good read… I will be back! It’s great!

I found this on the ARKist about page and it just sums up what the Arkist Blog is about in a nut shell for you – but really you should take a look for yourself.

ARKist publishes eco-news and opinion about practical approaches and solutions to what’s ailing the global environment. Yes, we said global. We have lived in or traveled through many countries, some on the brink of environmental disaster. The people who live in such trouble spots understand more than most how crucial it is we clean up our thoughtless leavings and develop the technology, practices, laws and behavior that will return us to a healthy world. So we’ve been there, and now we have a deep appreciation for workable ideas and impressive advances, plus all the ups and downs that go with those. Our beat is international ecology—the interconnectedness of living things on this small blue sphere.

Join us navigating these waters in search of a world that can survive.

Welcome to the BlogDumps community ARKist!


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