Saturday Dump

I though I would do a Saturday Dump This week I haven’t done this for some time so I thought I would dump a bunch of bloggers…

I know you think I am going to get rid of them but No, I am going to tell you about some cool new blogs and some that have been around a bit.

The first ones are new to the BlogDumps community So make them welcome and stop by and see what you think 🙂

Happy Single Life
Life of a single woman and her stories in finding true love.

War, Lies And Delusions
After nine years of warring, with a $60 billion war funding bill on the table, a pledge of $500 million to help Pakistan, America is the reason this war will never be won

Healthy With Herbal
herb blog

royal enfield motorcycles
This is a dedicated blog/website on Royal Enfield motorcycles containing interesting articles, useful maintenance tips, expert tips on cleaning, washing, upkeep of your Royal Enfield

These are a few of the regulars around here that support BlogDumps and have great blogs and are very good reads and I highly recommend you stop by and visit them… You will be glad you did, make sure to leave a comment bloggers love comments 😀


Older Eyes
General/Misc. Blogs – Reflections from an Older Perspective on feeling older, love and marriage, family, spirituality, writing and music … with some good old curmudgeonly rants thrown in for spice.


The Artist Challenge
The Artist Challenge is a theme based club for artists and writers.


The Inferno
We are a blog of writers and artist who have a unique vision. We believe that writers are artists, and artists are writers. We simply work in different mediums.


Pete’s ‘Today in History’ Quiz
For all fans of quizzes, this blog is here for you to get your daily ‘fix’ of trivia questions. Each day there will be questions about happenings that occurred on that particular day in history.


Babble Break
Welcome to my Wonderland and join me for a babble-licious Babble Break.


Your Caring Angles
Blogging girls, Your Caring Angels is all about angels. We have many true inspirational stories about Angles from many people of all walks of life.

I hope you all enjoyed being dumped it’s probably the only time you will ever enjoy it… LOL

Have a great Saturday

3 thoughts on “Saturday Dump”

  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I love blog dumps and the community here ~ it is such a wonderful place to visit and get to know other bloggers.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. You’re welcome AngelBaby 🙂
    I think I am going back to doing a Saturday Dump so some of the new people can be seen and some of the supporters can get some recognition!
    I can’t do them all at once so I am going to do this on Saturdays a few at a time.

    All the best

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