Rock’n Saturday Night Dump

It sure has been a nice weekend so far We are working on BlogDumps again Trying to get things changed around and updated. I didn’t take the time to do the funnies this this morning so I thought I would rock out a bit while we are doing some programming 🙂

The First video is Creed -Overcome, you can download the video on B Tubed here 😀

So far we are still in the development stages but I hope to have B Tubed and the discussion forum logins connected so if you join one you can use the same login on the other etc… Facebook connect would be nice also. Then all the logins should be easy You will still have to create your profile and that sort of thing.

CREED – Try the full screen, Awesome!

For those who wanted the funnies here is a good one!

Upload and share your videos on BlogDumps B Tubed – Videos, Music and Photo sharing 🙂

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Rock’n Saturday Night Dump”

  1. I love Creed! I think the new album, FULL CIRCLE, which that song comes from is the best one they’ve recorded yet! The years of life-learning experiences Scott Stapp went through before the band got back together sure gave him a lot of great inspiration for this album.

    Thanks for sharing that video with us all. Rock on everyone!!!

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