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I am so glad Saturday’s here and I got my wish it is beautiful outside so Trina and I are outta here!!!

This is one of the nicest days we have had in a while.

Thanks to everyone who has joined BlogDumps this week! Make sure to announce your blog in the discussion forum… After all, this is a linking site, so leave a link to your blog or post or whatever and have a good time.
You all will enjoy the discussion Forum Photo Gallery your photos will appear randomly on the page and if you need a URL for that photo it generates one as well.

Here is Saturday’s Top Blogs…

Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:










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Have a great weekend!

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Saturday Dump

Happy Saturday!!!

We’re having a few storms coming up the East Coast that are providing us some much needed rain. Gotta Love Rain-outs! I get more time to blog and clean up the site.

I have been cleaning out all the dead blog links from the categories and checking for reciprocal links… So if you find you have been deleted from the blog directory just re-submit your blog but make sure the BlogDumps link is visible somewhere in your sidebar. We humanly edit all links to the BlogDumps directory and it makes it so much easier to check them this way. Make sure if you have updated your blog theme that you add the BlogDumps button back onto your blog we will be cleaning up the directory this week.

If anyone has been removed by accident just re-submit your blog, and I will put you back in the category of your choice… Not That I will admit to making any mistakes! I am a man and will not assume responsibility for my actions… LOL

I am also working on some forum mods too. Make sure to add your Two cents there is plenty to discuss in the discussion forum.

I have been working on BlogDumps Video too. Come join the fun, make friends, send emails, upload photos and videos. I am sure you will enjoy all the amenities BlogDumps Video has to offer.

Saturday’s Hot Blogs on BlogDumps.com Today:
Have you been Dumped?

Art by Karie-Ann
I Fashion Hits
Nafcom’s Crap Blog
Blog Catalog’s Blog
You Betta Recognize
Emmsy Stuff.com
Terri Terri
Rapid Share Quicklinks

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Have a Great Saturday!


Well, at least this is better than playing Online Poker or trying to Win the Jackpot on a casino Site… or is it? hehehe

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Monday, OMG Not Again!

This weekend went by way to fast but it was a fun one.
I was off to the beach to catch some of the big waves from the storm that hit the East coast!
We had a blast but I am paying for it today… Sore, Oh Yeah!
So I guess i will go to work so I can get some rest, LOL
I hope you all had a great weekend too.
A big thanks and welcome to all who have joined the BlogDumps community and Dumped their blog this weekend.

Top Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com This weekend


















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Have a great week

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Big Wednesday At The Dump

Wow! It has been real busy around here today. I was wondering how the top sites would finally shake out.

I don’t normally do a top sites on Wednesday but I wanted to hand out the credit due to such a great day here on BlogDumps.

And for all of you who have landed here and would like to create a blog of your own this is the place to be BlogDumps Blog Hosting is on its own dedicated servers with techs on duty around the clock and a knowledgable support staff of bloggers to get you started and on your way!

Make sure to add your two cents in the Discussion forum, make some friends. It’s all about the networking and the Linky Love. It seems as though the more I try to be helpful and make comments the more my own site becomes that much better, so networking is definitely important for all bloggers. Be passionate about your blogging and the rest will follow.

Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:


Coffee Break?

Brazil Business

Lady by the Water

Dino Creationists Fairytale





total gamers downloads

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Only two more days and it’s the weekend!

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Where Oh Where is Wolfbernz?

I know I haven’t been writing this week.
In case you haven’t noticed our server got comprimised through some open source scripting we were playing around with. Trina and I have been fixing the issues.

Maybe you all haven’t noticed because we have been working diligently all week on this.


I won’t say the name of this malicious person because I do not want to give them any internet indexing. But I will say that they have ruined our week and weekend.

This has been one hell of a week, If you see anything weird, let us know.

The blogs on Blogdumps hosting were not affected, nor was there a breech in the data files for any of the BlogDumps users. These people just got in and randomly added their name to some files, and deleted others. We caught this issue within just minutes of the intrusion – Thanks to our awesome server Techs – but apparently, minutes is all these folks needed.

I don’t understand what kind of gratification someone gets by trashing someone else’s work. Trina and I have worked on BlogDumps for over two years with a ton of hours involved. I realize we are not a big site so what the… , why bother little ole BlogDumps, we just make it in the top 100,000 sites?

I will get back into the swing of things soon.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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