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Where Oh Where is Wolfbernz?

I know I haven’t been writing this week.
In case you haven’t noticed our server got comprimised through some open source scripting we were playing around with. Trina and I have been fixing the issues.

Maybe you all haven’t noticed because we have been working diligently all week on this.


I won’t say the name of this malicious person because I do not want to give them any internet indexing. But I will say that they have ruined our week and weekend.

This has been one hell of a week, If you see anything weird, let us know.

The blogs on Blogdumps hosting were not affected, nor was there a breech in the data files for any of the BlogDumps users. These people just got in and randomly added their name to some files, and deleted others. We caught this issue within just minutes of the intrusion – Thanks to our awesome server Techs – but apparently, minutes is all these folks needed.

I don’t understand what kind of gratification someone gets by trashing someone else’s work. Trina and I have worked on BlogDumps for over two years with a ton of hours involved. I realize we are not a big site so what the… , why bother little ole BlogDumps, we just make it in the top 100,000 sites?

I will get back into the swing of things soon.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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