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Sunday Music With Madonna!

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I was poking around BlogDumps Video “B Tubed” and found this song by Madonna. I am sure Liggy will Like this one 🙂

I think Madonna did a great job at the super bowl and it was a very cool stage set up.

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Have a great Sunday

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Sunday Music

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Sundays are a good day for reflection sometimes. Remembering to be thankful with having to eat the giant Thanksgiving Turkey LOL So today’ s song, Amen by Kid Rock, is just something fun… Enjoy!

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See you all tomorrow!

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Sunday Jazz Music With Mario Tomic

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It is really great to see people blogging again, I have missed reading and lurking around some of the blogs.
I hope more come back to blogging you just can’t get all you want to say put out there in 140 characters…lol Blogging is on the come back from the lull that happened when the whole micro blogging started. I have read on some that they missed blogging and are glad to be back at it too.

So it’s Sunday Music with Music artist: Mario Tomic.
Music album: Guitar Alchemy.
Music genre: smooth jazz,jazz fusion.

I hope you enjoy jazz it is the one type of music that has influenced so many others.

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Have a great Sunday

Superbowl Sunday

This year the Patriots face the Giants in the Superbowl. While I’m sure that the game will be awesome, I’m more interested in the halftime show with Madonna being the headliner. She announced that she will be singing 3 of her “classic hits” and one of her new songs. Which leaves me wondering which “classic hits” she will be performing?

I suppose we’ll all have to tune into the Superbowl to find out!

Have a Great Sunday Everyone and may the best team win!

Sunday Music

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It has been really nice here in Florida, we have enjoyed the weather and the people, they have both been Awesome.

Today was a sunny and nice day so we went to St. Augustine to check it out and take a walk on the beach. In the next couple weeks we hope to sail down there and stay for a few weeks. The area offers numerous places to anchor and it has an inlet to go in and out of the Atlantic to go have fun on the sailboat.

I know we haven’t been blogging as much as normal but now that the holidays are over and we’re getting situated here in the marina working on refinishing a power boat for a customer… I know this was an escape trip…

We will be blogging more often now and especially when we finally are sailing again. We have been here almost two months I am ready to go. I hope to be finished with this latest project by the launch date we have set to leave and go South on Feb. 5, 2012.

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I hope you all have had a great weekend

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Sunday Music

It’s been another wonderful week here in sunny, warm Florida. Wolf and I have had so much fun here 😀

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I’ve done a few updates to the BlogDumps Blog here and to the BlogDumps Bloggers websites. I’m running test now to make sure that everything is successful and that there aren’t any conflicts or errors that would prevent anyone from commenting…

I hope everyone has a wonderful night, see you all tomorrow for Top Sites Tuesday!

Sunday Christmas Music

It’s getting closer to that time, are you all ready for the big Christmas day?
I was looking through some of the Christmas music and found this one.

The instrumental music seems so much more Christmas-like to me for some reason, maybe it’s because it sounds more like church music.

Everyone seems to be scurrying around and getting ready for the big day along with so many parades and parties. As we have traveled down the East Coast this season we have seen this in almost every town.
Some of the small towns have been the best all dolled up with lights, the little shops full of Christmas cheer and decorations. Have a great Sunday and enjoy the season after all it’s only once a year.


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Sunday Christmas Music

It’s that time of year again, all the parades and lights going up.
We have enjoyed many parades on our trip so far as we travel the Intercoastal Waterway, it seems we get to see one almost at each port this last week or so. We have even had the opportunity to enjoy a few Christmas boat parades too. 🙂

Tomorrow we will be heading out early and will cross over into the state of Georgia and headed south.

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I don’t know how many of you feel about the funny songs they play on the radio and some are just this side of racy but the funny ones are enjoyable to me.

This one was uploaded on BlogDumps, it is definitely a classic funny one for sure!

Then you have Bert and Ernie singing a Christmas tune together

I hope you had fun listening to these few songs, after all it is the fun time of the season.

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‘Tiss the season and Happy Holidays