Sunday Music

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It has been really nice here in Florida, we have enjoyed the weather and the people, they have both been Awesome.

Today was a sunny and nice day so we went to St. Augustine to check it out and take a walk on the beach. In the next couple weeks we hope to sail down there and stay for a few weeks. The area offers numerous places to anchor and it has an inlet to go in and out of the Atlantic to go have fun on the sailboat.

I know we haven’t been blogging as much as normal but now that the holidays are over and we’re getting situated here in the marina working on refinishing a power boat for a customer… I know this was an escape trip…

We will be blogging more often now and especially when we finally are sailing again. We have been here almost two months I am ready to go. I hope to be finished with this latest project by the launch date we have set to leave and go South on Feb. 5, 2012.

I hope to see new bloggers on this weeks Top Sites Tuesday it is a lot of fun the check in post goes up on Mondays and it goes through Tuesday night.

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I hope you all have had a great weekend

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