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Relaxing Sunday

I always like Sunday’s! My favorite is to wake up get a cup of coffee and watch Sunday Morning.
Thinking about it, I have done this for so long and can’t remember when I started it, I can say I have been watching since Charles Kerault was the anchor man. It was great this morning they had Steve Martin on, he is so funny and they showed some other comedians also, it was great!

On another note I have come up with an idea that will be great but I will need all the bloggers across the United States to participate in order for it to be a success.

I have created a web presence on the internet and I want to do something good with it.

Bloggers Help America

It’s all about Bloggers coming together to help America.

We have Millions of bloggers in the United States, last I heard it was between 11 and 15 million, how many people can we feed and help save from disaster in their lives if we all banded together and gave a buck to Bloggers Help America? We could help feed the hungry, save a family and kids from ending up on the street! I want everyone to participate.

There will be a page set up just for this listing the money raised and who donated with a link to their blog and you will be able to proudly display the badge on your blog.

Also we will make decisions together I will set up polls and ask for people to comment and become invested in this process not just give and forget! I hope all of you will join me and lets show how powerful little ‘ole bloggers can be.

All the best,

I hope you all are having a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by.

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Sunday Soft Music and Another Turkey Sandwich!

I just love this time of year.

Do the lights just look brighter at night or is it just the season that makes it feel that way? I noticed on the way home last night from a friend’s house (we always take the back farm roads home – I suppose you would call it the scenic route) some of the houses were in full Christmas ensemble. The lights across the fields were beautiful, houses scattered across the country side screaming with seasonal joy. It was a nice enjoyable ride to the farm.

I am going to help put up the Christmas tree today. We have a new one that my son bought us last year with all the little lights on the branches… I know it’s not real but try telling that to a wolf they just don’t get it!!! I guess in their mind, “it’s a tree we are supposed to pee on them, right dad?” So yes we have a fake tree and confused wolves, oh well.

I have been trying to think of what I could give to all the bloggers on BlogDumps for Christmas and I’ve finally figured it out! I will announce it on the dashboard of your BlogDumps blog when I figure out all the details. Ok, I will spill the beans – I am going to allow all of the bloggers on BlogDumps Blogs to be able to give a friend a blog for Christmas with all the goodies to go with it. I thought some of you might have a friend that might want a blog, so there you have it an easy present to give to a friend.
The details will be on your dashboard when you login to your blog, I will also announce this periodically in my posts so no one is left out. If you do not have a blog and you get one now, before Christmas you will be able to give one to a friend too.

Now for the music… This should get you in the mood. I just love this video, This is one of my favorites of the season this year, the first one was uploaded to BlogDumps Video By Webcruiser… She is quite active on the BlogDumps Video. Thanks Webcruiser it’s great!

This is just plain good for any season but this should get you in the mood…
Thanks AngelBaby for the upload!

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Have a wonderful Sunday

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Sunday Here In America!

I know it’s a little late but it is still Sunday so there… hehehe

I was helping AngelBaby over on her blog she was having some difficulty with her blog… It was a simple fix. Anyway while I was visiting with her we talked about this video she had uploaded to BD Video so I though I would share it with you all… It just kinda fits after all we have been through as a Nation it’s time we all pull together and make our home the place it should be.

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Have a great Sunday

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Sunday Music

I haven’t done Sunday music for a little while so I thought I would today so enjoy the music! This song was uploaded to BlogDumpsVideo by Fishhawk.

Gordon Lightfoot – Don Quixote

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Have a wonderful Sunday! And don’t forget to check out Wrongblog thiis week for Pics from the Punkin’ Chunkin’ Today!

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Yes, I am messing around !

I am trying out different themes, so the blog might look kind of funny through out the day!
I am having a hard time picking one out.
The last one was terrible.
Soooo… Anyway that’s what’s up around here today.

I added some music just for fun ’cause it is Sunday.

The Eagles?
Hotel California?
Oh, come on it’s a classic!

Have a Great Sunday

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Sunday’s Soft Music

I’m Back………
This is a great song for Sunday don’t you think?
It’s always nice to listen to something inspirational.
Doesn’t it just make you feel better?
I hope Ya’ll have a great week!

This was uploaded to BlogDumps Video by Angel1

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Have a wonderful Sunday.

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Sunday Have A Wolf In You Face!

What a nice peaceful day… Sundays are for rest and relaxation and that’s exactly what I am going to do today.
Woofy is napping and every now and then he peeks up at me as if to say – What’s wrong dad just curl up and sleep!
Woofy is my Timber Wolf and my best friend of course, he thinks he is human.

This is Woofy wanting me to get up!
Have a Wolf in your face…LOL

The Shaptown Carnival is open so when the sun goes down a bit later today I am going to drop in and have some fun and eat an oyster fritter samich!

I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.

Sunday Soft Music

Soft Jazz by Music Man on BlogDumps Video

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