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Sunday Music – Stairway to Heaven

I hope you all are having a great weekend! I am in Strasbourg Pa. With my Grandson, we are off to ride the Choo Choo Train! I hope to bring back some cool Photos to share with you all.

This weeks Top Sites Tuesday will be a Birthday bash for BlogDumps! We have been on the web for Three years now! Make sure to come to the party!

I hope this song brings back some good memories and for those who haven’t heard this song where have you been!? LOL


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Walter Cronkite and the Lunar Landing On Sunday Music

I have been watching the news in the last week.. I know, go figure! I couldn’t help but notice the whole Lunar Landing 40th anniversary and the passing of Walter Cronkite. I think that it is kind of ironic that Mr. Cronkite Passed away so close to this 40th anniversary of the Moon Walk that he reported on.

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite was an amazing reporter and thanks to Sunday Morning this morning, I even know that in some countries anchor-men are called “Cronkiters” I think that’s awesome! He reported truthfully and faithfully and millions of people listened and believed and respected him.

There are still people that don’t believe that the moon walk was real. I believe. If we can have computers so tiny they fit in the palm of our hand, why couldn’t we launch a mission to the moon successfully?

I asked a friend if she thought it was a conspiracy and her reply was, “I wasn’t on the Moon so I can’t tell you that I really know.” While only the astronauts really know that we went to space or to the moon, I hate to think that President Kennedy’s words “We are going to the Moon” were false and unfulfilled.

So what are your thoughts? And are you going to be watching the new “Digitally Remastered” films from the first moon walk?

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday Gospel Music and Classic Rock

Good Sunday Morning all…

I have had a great weekend so far, I hope all of you have also!

I see that the Twitter Background Maker as been well received… The traffic to it here on BlogDumps has been a lot the last couple of days, I hope you all enjoy it!

I have made some server upgrades this morning so you should find that BlogDumps is loading faster then it has been…YEA!

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Sunday Music- Led Zepplin, Queen, The Eagles, Everlast, HellYeah and Metallica

I have no Idea how many times I have done Sunday music so if I accidentally post one twice I was just kidding…lol

I thought I would take you back a bit and then post some extra music….
Enjoy the music let me know if you like one of them or if it brings back any memories?
It’s funny how we associate music with different eras of our lives! Music is so important we can sing and express ourselves, listen and be inspired, or just jam and forget the troubles of the day!
Could we survive without music? I don’t think I could… I always like to listen to a great song just before I go do something or be somewhere it has to be quiet… lol what if it’s boring at least I have a tune to hum!

This is one of my favorites… I went to their concert 3 times…lol

Enjoy and have a great a Sunday!

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Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park… We Made It!

I know it’s not soft music but I was just not into it this week!
I hope you don’t mind this one?
It just seemed to fit…

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! I am going to cruise around the farm and see what I can tear up with the tractor!!!

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Happy Sunday

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