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Dog Attack In Mexico On Wolfbernz!

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So here I am minding my own business having a drink and out of no where comes this growl from under the table it has me by the ankle… I panic… What do I do? I pulled back the table cloth in shear panic to see what has me and is snarling, Will I make it?

It was a rough job but I was able to free myself from this monster by taking some of my tortilla and tossing it far from where I was sitting…Wheeew I didn’t think I would make it for a moment 🙂

Have a great day
PS He did the Ninja crawl came back and stole Trina’s Flip Flop…LOL

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Yelapa to La Cruz – Sunday Music

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So we took off from Mismaloya and set sail for Yelapa – it was a beautiful morning and a nice half day sail to the next stop so we didn’t get in a hurry, we just laid back and cruised.

We arrived in Yelapa, it is on the side of the Bay of Banderas that is open to the ocean swells but we hit the weather perfect to have a nice stay.

When we arrived, we just hung out for a little while on the boat and just checked out the town from the bay. There was no way into this place except by boat or a really rough ride by truck. Yelapa is a small fishing town with a small tourist area, I don’t think they had but a half dozen rooms.

This side of the bay is beautiful, the water comes down the mountains, which by the way go all the way to the ocean, the anchorage is a hundred and twenty feet deep. The rivers flow right into the ocean, the palm trees are abundant everywhere. We realized that we had left the desert behind and entered the jungle.

We took a walk around the little town, it was nice, it had a little hand made paved path with little bridges everywhere. It was done so artistically it was just cool. I don’t think they meant for it to be so artistic, it is just in their nature. So we hung out on the beach had some drinks and then we went over to a little restaurant and had dinner. It was very good, we made it just in time to get one of the last fisherman to give us a ride back to the boat (Trina, when she was told to go get in… She got in the boat) if you missed the other “Trina and the boat” story, sorry!

So we had a wonderful night it was awesome! It cooled off nicely and we had a great rest, the only watches were – if you get up, check the anchor and make sure we are still good and not getting ready to hit another boat 🙂

I did manage to take some good photos this time so I will post them below.

Oh Yea Sunday Music! Well this seems to fit, somedays I don’t know what day or time it is but really nothing else matters…LOL

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So we decided to take off across the bay of Puerto Vallarta From La Cruise Yacht club to a little three boat harbor that is open to to northwest swell. We are in about 180 feet of water, we are equipped to anchor in this deep of water but for a few pesos we could grab a mooring. Why Not? That’s a lot of chain!

The bay is kind of nice, the buildings are set to the landscape well and there is a river that comes out to the sea. The middle of the bay is palms and the buildings are on the side so the little town flows nicely to the bay.

I shot a quick video of the bay.

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It was a hot afternoon I floated around the bay in the dingy and tried to catch dinner LOl I had Mahi for dinner after a shore boat ride!

It was nice on the beach we had a great dinner and then had to find a ride back. We found a ponga boat and we got it into the surf I ran and jumped on so did Trina but, well, she didn’t do so hot. She didn’t make it and landed in the water… I know better I waited for her to laugh!

It was a fun ride back we hanging on the boat. It’s cool, there is open Wifi here.

We leave tomorrow for a little place called Yalapa. It’s a little further south of here. I wonder if we will get a bit of a swell we’re on that side of the bay until we round the point. It’s nice to float around and hang on the hook instead of the marina looking for some surf or whatever it just seems more adventures.


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Leaving Mantenchen Bay For La Cruz

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So we had a great time at Mantenchen Bay it was a wonderful place Trina had me take her in the dingy to San Blas which was about a 30 minute dingy ride. It was funny she wanted to go while we were in the bay but once we were in the open sea going up the coast line in a five foot swell she had second thoughts. I was soaking wet in the first few minutes but we came to the San Blas Marina and road the swells into the harbor… it seems as though the marinas here in Mexico the swells break in the mouth of the harbor and you must ride a wave into them! So we went up the beach and into the river it was very cool to see the palm trees and the fisherman then there were a few wrecked boats to see, maybe storms of yester year washed them ashore. We were told we might see some wild cats and other sorts of wild life but all we saw were whales, sea turtles, some crazy flying fish with wings…LOL I thought Trina was going to scream when the porpoise that was as big as the dingy showed up a long side of us 🙂

So it was getting late and we decided to head back to the sailboat which was anchored in the next bay. So out the river we go and low and behold the tide is low and the surf is breaking all the way across the mouth of the harbor- now Trina is facing back toward the beach and has no Idea what is ahead of up… we make it over the fist two waves by the skin of our you-know-what and I tried to outrun the last to the side of where it was breaking but at the last second I turned the dingy straight into the wave and Trina says out of the blue “I want to take a Photo!!!” I yelled “No” and “Hang on!” and we flew about six feet above the wave! The motor was even out of the water and all we were both two feet above the dingy! We both were very glad we made it and laughed as we were soaked from head to toe then off we went back to the boat watching the sun go down it was a lot of fun for sure.

The next morning we set sail for Punta De Mita, another surf spot that was supposed to have super waves.
This area is full of whales we had a great time watching them jump in the air and splash everywhere. Just as soon as you would try to take a photo the boat would rock and then someone would yell look at that one!

I am glad we arrived when we did it was a bit trick navigation coming into an are we had never been and the shoals extend three miles off the coast. We follow our charts and radar and found our way to the next stop without any problems we did see that the surf was pretty good so we were happy 😀

So we hung out there and then set sail for a small harbor in a town called La Cruz it is right next to Puerto Vallarta but much nicer I think it is less crowded and has a surf break right outside the marina. It’s a nice Marina hot showers a restaurant and a night club that is quiet and reserved 🙂

So we have hung out here for a week took care of all our personal needs did the Cosco shop and stocked the boat. We did some surfing. It was really fun to go visit old downtown Puerto Vallarta and play on the wooden bridges and eat fish tacos from the local restaurant Check out some of the pics, they give you an idea of what it’s like.


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A Fun Ride Through The Jungle To The Beach

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What a fun day. We loaded up in a van and headed out for a trip down the river through the jungle past all the crocodiles and headed for the beach to let some baby turtles go! It was really neat to see all the wild life and to go through the narrows of the river. I tried to get a close up of a big crock but they were too fast. In the video I made, you will see a still shot of a baby crock on a tree branch.

It has warmed up since we have crossed over to the mainland from the Baja Peninsula and as we head South I am sure it will get warmer. We set sail from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow. From Mazatlan our first stop is the island called Isla Isabella it has a crater lake on the top of it- I can’t wait to get there it is just a short sail from here on the way down the coast. I will post some photos when we get to the next spot with internet.

Below is a video I had put together quickly to show everyone the trip to the beach and the letting go of the turtles. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

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As we make our way on this adventure we crossed the Sea of Cortez. What a ride that was – we left La Paz and set sail for Mazatlan.

The crossing from La Paz to Mazatlan is supposed to take 2 whole days but thanks to an awesome wind we made it here in 36 hours and we got to sail most of the way. The sail was awesome – anytime we get to turn the motor off and actually sail in the sailboat is amazing.

Coming into the harbor here in Mazatlan is a bit tricky. On the maps the entrance is clear and the warnings about coming in at night or on a low tide are abundant. I know why now. Looking at the entrance from the boat, it looks like you are heading right into a large stone wall. The red and green markers on either side of the entrance fade into the background easily and are hard to see until you are within 100 yards of the entrance. Then as we actually entered the harbor (at low tide because that’s how we roll – hey, it wasn’t dark 😉 ) we all kept our eyes on the depth. We watched as it went from 10 feet under the keel to 2 feet – at which point we all held our breath and braced for impact. We were lucky after about 30 seconds in 2 feet of water under the keel the numbers started going back up. The harbor here is different than any we have sailed into, to enter the harbor you surf a wave with the boat and then wind through the canal past Gilligan’s Island… LOL

It sure is a much busier place then the Baja peninsula, it’s city life here to the max, cars rushing around taxies everywhere and what I call the mounted police trucks with men in the back with mounted machine guns! There are even military guys that roam around together with machine guns in full cammo – a nice reminder we are in a third world country.

I have found that the people here are very friendly but here in the city there are many women that have a couple of kids and are on the street begging for money… So I keep some change in my pocket and give when I can.

I think one of the best parts of Mexico is that they know how to make pastries OMG I walked into one and thought I had died and gone to heaven!!! So I bought a bagful they were great with this mornings coffee.

Well it’s off to the old downtown to check it out and see the old architecture and whatever else we may run across I will take the camera with me today and I will post them later.


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