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So we decided to take off across the bay of Puerto Vallarta From La Cruise Yacht club to a little three boat harbor that is open to to northwest swell. We are in about 180 feet of water, we are equipped to anchor in this deep of water but for a few pesos we could grab a mooring. Why Not? That’s a lot of chain!

The bay is kind of nice, the buildings are set to the landscape well and there is a river that comes out to the sea. The middle of the bay is palms and the buildings are on the side so the little town flows nicely to the bay.

I shot a quick video of the bay.

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It was a hot afternoon I floated around the bay in the dingy and tried to catch dinner LOl I had Mahi for dinner after a shore boat ride!

It was nice on the beach we had a great dinner and then had to find a ride back. We found a ponga boat and we got it into the surf I ran and jumped on so did Trina but, well, she didn’t do so hot. She didn’t make it and landed in the water… I know better I waited for her to laugh!

It was a fun ride back we hanging on the boat. It’s cool, there is open Wifi here.

We leave tomorrow for a little place called Yalapa. It’s a little further south of here. I wonder if we will get a bit of a swell we’re on that side of the bay until we round the point. It’s nice to float around and hang on the hook instead of the marina looking for some surf or whatever it just seems more adventures.


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