Yelapa to La Cruz – Sunday Music

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So we took off from Mismaloya and set sail for Yelapa – it was a beautiful morning and a nice half day sail to the next stop so we didn’t get in a hurry, we just laid back and cruised.

We arrived in Yelapa, it is on the side of the Bay of Banderas that is open to the ocean swells but we hit the weather perfect to have a nice stay.

When we arrived, we just hung out for a little while on the boat and just checked out the town from the bay. There was no way into this place except by boat or a really rough ride by truck. Yelapa is a small fishing town with a small tourist area, I don’t think they had but a half dozen rooms.

This side of the bay is beautiful, the water comes down the mountains, which by the way go all the way to the ocean, the anchorage is a hundred and twenty feet deep. The rivers flow right into the ocean, the palm trees are abundant everywhere. We realized that we had left the desert behind and entered the jungle.

We took a walk around the little town, it was nice, it had a little hand made paved path with little bridges everywhere. It was done so artistically it was just cool. I don’t think they meant for it to be so artistic, it is just in their nature. So we hung out on the beach had some drinks and then we went over to a little restaurant and had dinner. It was very good, we made it just in time to get one of the last fisherman to give us a ride back to the boat (Trina, when she was told to go get in… She got in the boat) if you missed the other “Trina and the boat” story, sorry!

So we had a wonderful night it was awesome! It cooled off nicely and we had a great rest, the only watches were – if you get up, check the anchor and make sure we are still good and not getting ready to hit another boat 🙂

I did manage to take some good photos this time so I will post them below.

Oh Yea Sunday Music! Well this seems to fit, somedays I don’t know what day or time it is but really nothing else matters…LOL

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