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As we make our way on this adventure we crossed the Sea of Cortez. What a ride that was – we left La Paz and set sail for Mazatlan.

The crossing from La Paz to Mazatlan is supposed to take 2 whole days but thanks to an awesome wind we made it here in 36 hours and we got to sail most of the way. The sail was awesome – anytime we get to turn the motor off and actually sail in the sailboat is amazing.

Coming into the harbor here in Mazatlan is a bit tricky. On the maps the entrance is clear and the warnings about coming in at night or on a low tide are abundant. I know why now. Looking at the entrance from the boat, it looks like you are heading right into a large stone wall. The red and green markers on either side of the entrance fade into the background easily and are hard to see until you are within 100 yards of the entrance. Then as we actually entered the harbor (at low tide because that’s how we roll – hey, it wasn’t dark 😉 ) we all kept our eyes on the depth. We watched as it went from 10 feet under the keel to 2 feet – at which point we all held our breath and braced for impact. We were lucky after about 30 seconds in 2 feet of water under the keel the numbers started going back up. The harbor here is different than any we have sailed into, to enter the harbor you surf a wave with the boat and then wind through the canal past Gilligan’s Island… LOL

It sure is a much busier place then the Baja peninsula, it’s city life here to the max, cars rushing around taxies everywhere and what I call the mounted police trucks with men in the back with mounted machine guns! There are even military guys that roam around together with machine guns in full cammo – a nice reminder we are in a third world country.

I have found that the people here are very friendly but here in the city there are many women that have a couple of kids and are on the street begging for money… So I keep some change in my pocket and give when I can.

I think one of the best parts of Mexico is that they know how to make pastries OMG I walked into one and thought I had died and gone to heaven!!! So I bought a bagful they were great with this mornings coffee.

Well it’s off to the old downtown to check it out and see the old architecture and whatever else we may run across I will take the camera with me today and I will post them later.


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