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A Fun Ride Through The Jungle To The Beach

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What a fun day. We loaded up in a van and headed out for a trip down the river through the jungle past all the crocodiles and headed for the beach to let some baby turtles go! It was really neat to see all the wild life and to go through the narrows of the river. I tried to get a close up of a big crock but they were too fast. In the video I made, you will see a still shot of a baby crock on a tree branch.

It has warmed up since we have crossed over to the mainland from the Baja Peninsula and as we head South I am sure it will get warmer. We set sail from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow. From Mazatlan our first stop is the island called Isla Isabella it has a crater lake on the top of it- I can’t wait to get there it is just a short sail from here on the way down the coast. I will post some photos when we get to the next spot with internet.

Below is a video I had put together quickly to show everyone the trip to the beach and the letting go of the turtles. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

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