Happy Easter 2010

I didn’t know what to do for Easter and then I received this in the BlogDumps email from Nancy and her family to ours. Nancy has a blog here on BlogDumps and has become a good friend and a wonderful part to the BlogDumps community! Thank you so much Nancy this made our whole weekend 🙂

I disabled the message and the links so Nancy’s email would not show but I left the links to Jacquie Lawson’s website she has such nice cards! I hope you don’t mind, Nancy, I thought this was so nice I had to share it 😀

Have a wonderful Easter!
Wolfbernz, Trina and the gang here at BlogDumps

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2010”

  1. By all means, Trina and Wolf…just so happy you enjoyed the card and love to share those cards. You’re right…they are a lovely selection and I’m glad you thought to share them with your bloggers and viewers! Great idea. I really do love this particular one…it’s their newest for this year. Probably my favourite Back piece. Have a wonderful Easter filled with many blessings and the same to our blogger friends and ‘family’.

  2. I like the whole presentation it’s wonderful!
    Especially when the sun light shines through and he brings the horse out 🙂


  3. Oh, dear…sorry…”favourite BACH piece”..lol. Thank you Trina and Wolf..I agree, Wolf…it’s almost like being there..the whole thing is just great…I’ve gone back and watched/listened to it I don’t know how many times.. 🙂

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