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Gosh can you believe it’s February? Time flies along doesn’t it. Since the recent turn in my life My son and his wife having a baby, getting there own house, Me becoming a “randpa” (Oh Stop it Sandy, I can see you laughing and having way to much fun with this!!!) I sit and reflect as I guess we all do and it seems like yesterday my boys were sneaking off to the pond for a swim or playing army in the woods on the back of the farm. Now it has me thinking 49 is middle age right? I am sure you will all agree… You will won’t you!!!???

I guess when they all move out I will still have my other kids… My wolves, I will hang out with Woofy and we will have a couple of glasses of wine and let out a few howls together… hehehehe

Yes, I know what you are thinking, It’s not me, Woofy will steal your drink if you turn your back for one second – even if it is on the kitchen counter or on the table. I thought about AA for him but the Parrot (Timothy) would have to go too! Never mind, it just wouldn’t be the same, I actually think Timothy howls better than Woofy!!!

I was reading about social media and how one of the biggest no no’s is to write the same scheduled post.
Well I guess I have failed, I like doing the Top Blog Sites Tuesday! What would be the purpose of having the scripting for top sites if you don’t ever give any credit where it is due. So I am going to continue to do this until I forget – which could be any time now that I am a “Randpa” LOL … What was I writing about???

Oh, Yes Top Blogs Tuesday. There are some new Blogs listed this week so make sure to check them out. I suspect that we will see many new ones as we are getting about 10 or so new members a day now.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:

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Have a great week everyone,

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One thought on “Hot Blogs On Tuesday!”

  1. Hi Grampa,

    Hahahaha! You’re getting old little brother! Now a grandpa! LOL! Well, it is about time I have been a grandma for years, thought you would never get there! I love being a grandma so much that had I known how much fun it is I would have done it first! Congratulations!

    Love Ya,

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