Blogging News on BlogDumps

Friday oh yeah! 🙂 I just love Friday – that means going out tonight for a good meal and some sleep in the morning!

Congratulations to Bud he won Top Sites Tuesday this week 🙂
*Wolf rolls out red carpet – Hey he didn’t trip this week…LOL*
It was also Buds Blog’s birthday so make sure to stop by and say Happy Birthday to Bud’s Blog 🙂

Not a lot to report as far as BlogDumps goes… I still can’t make up my mind on the new colors for the layout. As you all have seen I have been messing around with the sites colors and then I go back to the red background…LOL I did make a final decision on the front page though but it was a simple color change and moved some links around and added the link icons next to them.

We do have some new front page sponsors make sure to go see what they are about so they will stay, it helps with the server costs 🙂

The new spam filter is working well on BlogDumps Bloggers When you create a blog on BlogDumps you have to be a human and fill out the form and then we approve them. So far it has worked out really well. We will be upgrading this part of the site again there is a newer version out again. I usually wait a bit and let them work out the bugs so it will be next week sometime… It has been out for about three weeks or so now.

For those video buffs make sure if you want to get your blog listed in the Saturday Funnies Post that you upload a funny Video to BlogDumps B Tubed and I will use it on Saturday. B Tubed is a great place to host all your favorite Videos Music and Photos all in one place.
If you haven’t joined B Tubed yet you will like it you can do all kinds of cool things and it’s simple and spam free. You can even make a video right from your computer web cam and make it private and send it to family when they join.