Happy Easter

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It is a beautiful day here in North Carolina, a bit quiet though we had hoped to be home by now but with our miss-hap with our sailboat’s engine we have been delayed. We have found an engine and are waiting to have it installed so we can make the final three hundred mile trip home. Oh how sweet it will be to get home 🙂

The luck of us getting stuck in such a nice place could not be by happenstance we are definitely blessed to be here. It is almost like going back to the fifties where everyone is so pleasant and happy. You don’t have to prove you can be trusted, you are until you mess up, so nice! So we are blogging from Whittiker Point Marina today and will be for at least another week or so.

I found this cute old Easter cartoon… I know Bunnies aren’t what it is all about but I have to share it!

We noticed that there are a lot of new members to the community and would like to welcome all of you and encourage you all to use all the free services here including the BlogDumps Instant Messenger and the video portion of the site, BlogDumps Video.

Trina and I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Easter!