Using a Blog For Business

Today Facebook is all the rage! But here is what I think – Facebook is great, but with a blog you can be more creative than you can on FB.

It’s a place you can change the back-ground to represent your product better.

It also gives your customers more of a personal experience and tells them about you, your business and of course a place to show off your work photos.

I’m not saying to leave FB, but used in conjunction with the Blog this will help you in the search engines. We all want to be found… How?

The blog, if used with posts about local topics in your area and where you conduct your business, will index each of your posts with its own URL.

Use titles with local names of places in your area include what you do or sell.

When you make your post tags and and categories the same as above applies, use the same as your title, it’s best if the are relevant to your post and title.

And lastly use your title in the first paragraph but not the first line.

Blogging still works for business and if you notice all the big companies still use them, take a look around and see how much information you can get off a big companies blog!