Promotion success!

So it looks like the featured blog promotion was a huge sucess 🙂

I really wish I could just feature all the blogs that get dumped here but that wouldn’t pay the server bills! lol

To be a featured blog on the front page rotation and on the directory page there is a one time fee for life!
Yes, that’s right you help us and we keep you featured here for as long as your blog is on the web.

Being featured is a great way to stand out and gain readers, plus you just might find I visited your site and wrote about you and your blog here on BlogDumps Blog!

You can however choose to just add your blog to the directory for free in just a few clicks, no passwords, no logins, no bull!

I want to thank all of you for joining the Free Featured Blog promotion!

One of the coolest on the new list is called the Friggin Cat House!
I love her blog it’s cool with great posts stop by and give her a visit, and for Goodness Sake leave a comment! You all know how much we all love comments!

The Friggin Cat House

With all that said, the blog registrations are open again on BlogDumps Bloggers – get your free blog/website as they say now. Let your friends know. We do not discriminate if you want to just blog about your life that’s great! If you would like to blog and have advertisements all over the place and try to make a few extra buck that’s great too!

Not sure what to do? We have been promoting blogs for almost ten years, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you very step of the way! Oh and did I mention it’s free! Let us help you get started and help you with your success in your new endeavor.

When you click on get a blog it will prompt you to email us.
We have had so many spam blogs in the past we have had no choice but to manually set up a blog for you.
If you would like to just email us now to get a blog
send it to: admin(at) replace the (at) with the @

Have a great day