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Looking For A Few Thousand Good Bloggers

Actually, we are looking for all bloggers that would like to have a blog on BlogDumps!

We hope thousands of you would like to hangout and blog here. We would like to invite all REAL bloggers
(not someone who just want links on a page but those that want to write!) and newbie bloggers to join us – for those that are new to blogging we are here to help.

We have done some extensive work on the site and we are now ready for the masses! BlogDumps can handle thousands of bloggers — We are becoming an incredible blogging community with over 1000 blogs on BlogDumps already! We hope this continues to grow and we wish everyone the greatest success! Read more about getting a blog here!

For a short time we are are opening registrations — you can create your own blog right here on the BlogDumps for FREE. If you think you want a blog, jump in and get one today.

BlogDumps is still a brand new, a social network for bloggers built by bloggers. We have only been on the web for three years now, but by combining online advertising and blogging, BlogDumps has created a completely new way to blog and earn money. You can advertise and add whatever you want to your posts including videos and more!

Create your free blog today! BlogDumps will help you build followers by helping promote your Blog and helping you earn money. Join Google Adsence and get your publisher ID to begin making money online! You can place advertisements in each of your posts, whether you are a work at home mom or a plumber who wants to advertise his work, everyone is welcome!

Click Here to Get Started Now!
You are just a few clicks away from being on the web — it’s just a few easy steps and that’s it!

BlogDumps offers these following for your blog:

* – An easy to use WordPress blog
* – 64mb of upload space
* – Already a member of BlogDumps Video? Add videos, music, and photos and embed them on your blog
* – Easily embed Youtube and Google videos with just a click
* – Fully widgetized themes for ease of moving your content and updating the look of your blog
* – Lots of cool ready to go themes and the ability to change backgrounds also
* – Excellent support from a team that understands blogging and WordPress
* – Blogs on BlogDumps are on dedicated servers with 24 hour techs on duty
* – Freedom to do what you want to do with out the cost of hosting a web site or weblog

Happy Blogging!
The BlogDumps Crew
. . . . . .