Top Sites Tuesday #10

It’s a Tuesday Free For All

That’s it ? Yes that’s it… Blog About whatever you want to Happy Tuesday!

This post goes up on Monday so everyone knows the theme and has a chance to write their post!

Free for All

In case you missed it, everyone writes a post on Tuesday using this Tuesday’s Theme and ads the BlogDumps “Make Me Number One” button to the bottom of their post.

Using the HTML code below:

Right click, select all, then right click, copy, and paste into your blog post.

Come Join Top Sites Tuesday and be #1 on BlogDumps!

The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
Networking between bloggers to have fun while doing it!
Make sure to visit all the other participants and leave comments.


After your post is up, come back here and leave a comment that your post is up. Then everyone can visit your blog, leave a comment on your blog and then hit your make me number one button! This will be a great way to meet other bloggers and gain readers and comments for your blog. Networking is always the best way to go!

Tuesday Evening we will list the top sites that sent traffic from thier blog to BlogDumps to the Bottom of this post! Want to check your blog’s placement? The top sites list is on the home page and on the BlogDumps directory page.

So grab the “Make Me Number One″ button code above and join in the fun, who knows, You could be number one!


To make this even more exciting, we are going to give away a BlogDumps T-Shirt and a free feature to the top blogger whose site is number 1 two weeks in a row!

Top Sites Tuesday:
Coffee Break?
Legs in the Attic
Your Caring Angels
Trina’s Blog
Jeep Blog

Next Weeks theme is Photo Tuesday for those who like to plan ahead!


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19 thoughts on “Top Sites Tuesday #10”

  1. Uh-oh, maybe it’s the F in Free and the F in for, but I have a feeling (uh-oh, another F) that this fun topic (uh-oh, I see another F) might end up getting me in trouble. I’m working on mine, too!

  2. Hey, Trina,
    I’ve tried every week to read your blog, but it will never load for me. It freezes up and says it “is not responding.” Then I usually have to shut my computer down. Am I doing something wrong? I can get to all the others.

  3. Maybe it’s my computer, Trina, because it still is doing the same thing. “Trina’s Blog” comes up at the top, your flower borders come up on the sides, and a navy blue background comes up in the middle. Then it just sticks for me and grinds and grinds. It just won’t load and says it is not responding.

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