It’s Saturday – Have You Been Dumped?

Oh yes, it’s the weekend!!! Thank God! I am so tired it was a long week!!! The best part right now is it’s raining cats and dogs so I guess I am going to stay in today and just hang out, turn on my BlogDumps IM and talk to some friends and family!

Why do we say raining like cats and dogs?

I have had some emails for this up coming Tuesday’s Top Sites! “What are We Grateful For” I really like that one what do you all think??? My only problem… Nevermind I will just make a list of what I am grateful for, I have so many! Even when times are tough there is always something to be grateful for! So don’t miss out on Top Sites Tuesday meme fun! Not sure what’s going on… You can read last weeks post here.

I would really like it if more of you would join “Bloggers Help America”, we really need to get this going… If you haven’t donated your buck, well, get going the button is on the right side of this page… You do not have to be a blogger to make a donation!!! This is something I would like to see grow so we can start helping people.

Make sure to leave a comment to the post if you know some people or an organization we should help out!

I haven’t done this in a few Saturdays so I thought this was due!

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Have a great Saturday!
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