Friday Fifteen

TGIF! It has been another long week here, How about yours?

Every summer the Sharptown Firemans Carnival opens in Sharpstown Maryland so we went last night. The carnival is stationary, the firemen actually have their own rides (a favorite here is te tractor engine powered ferris wheel) and a few years back a huge building was built so the rides like the tilt-a-whirl and kiddie coasters would not be affected by the weather. They open up probibally 10 food stands where you can get a fried oyster fritter sandwich, clam strips, crab cakes, funnel cakes, burgers, hot dog, french fries, and even frozen mountian dew LOL! They have games like bingo, abseball throwing to knock down the milk bottles, the quarter roulette wheel and the dime toss(I told you it’s a small town carnival right?). An lots of people have small booths where you can buy raffle tickets to win something exciting like a Wii. All the proceeds go to the firemen – so it’s great, you get to play, eat and support your local firemen.

We had fun last night even though it tried to rain and thunderstorm. Thanks to the thunderstorm the ferris wheel was turned off so we just got dinner there. We split a seafood platter – I love clam strips – it was literally served on a frisbee instead of a plate LOL but it was very good.

So anyway it has been a real busy week I am looking forward to this weekend and getting some rest… Yea right- no rest for the weary here!

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Have a Great Friday Everyone

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