Ahhh… The Saturday Night Dump!

Welcome to BlogDumps Saturday Night Post. I was trying to figure out who to dump this week and then I thought Why not Dump all the BlogDumps Affiliates. They are all great blogs and I am glad to have them as affiliates.

I am going to add the BlogDumps Blog Hosting to the Affiliate Program and should have it ready to go soon. So when someone signs-up for a blog and they came from your blog you get paid, pretty cool right? Also since we are on the subject when a BlogDumps Affiliate refers a blogger to get featured or use any of our paid services, the affiliate blogger gets paid! What a great idea now all we have to do is get everyone to get featured or added through one of our paid services and we will make some money together… Yea!

So anyway here are all the rock’n BlogDumps Affiliates:

Brown Bear Creative
Blogging Dad
Blog Postie
Clark’s Picks
Creative Blogger
Blog Classifieds
Morden Fasion
Pink Renegade
Forex Indicators
Jom sembang sekejap
Indo Contest
Lady Rose
Untouchable Earth
My Click Cash
Sasha Says
Get Paid Now
Guadagni online con ebay, affiliazioni ed altro
THe wOrLd oF EntERtaiNmeNt

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Saturday Night!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by!
    I would love to have you join the BlogDumps affiliate Team.
    All the best

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