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Beck is an artist, a really creative one.  She has a few of her works of art pictured on her site, they are all really cool to look at.  While in the process of writing this review, I caught myself sitting here looking at every picture as they scrolled by across the top of the page.  I would look at one and think, “Wow! I wonder how she got the color placement on every picture so perfect.” And at another one, “Is that a … Cat?”  She’s really very talented! 

Beck has also started writing a novel, and while I didn’t nose too far into what the novel is about, I do think that, based on reading her blog, it’s going to be excellent. 

In her post, Meteor Showers, she writes about watching the stars with her father when she was a kid and it really shows how happy she is about her own kid taking an interest in stargazing.  She writes with REAL emotion.  You can read her post and almost imagine the smile on her face as she sat outside watching the Meteor Shower. So, In short, BeCkaDoodles IS a blog worth reading with pictures of artwork that screams to be looked at!

Welcome to BlogDumps Beck! 

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Do You Have Issues?

Well, Margie Doesn’t.  She has a really awesome blog!

This is a great read. I had a good time reading Margie’s blog.  I had been all over this blog!  Everything is upbeat, lightly comical, and well written.

One of her latest posts show the projected path of Hurricane Ernesto.  I’m glad she posted it, I haven’t been paying much attention to the weather lately and it looks like this hurricane may be coming up the coast toward me! 

I am really jealous of her new surround sound.  There’s nothing like a “kick-ass” sound system and I love the bassett hound pic. 

Stop by and visit her at Do You Have Issues!.

Welcome to BlogDumps Margie!


Dishpan Dribble! What a great Blog!

Dishpan Dribble is written by Mrs. Darling, a mother of three children, aged 23, 9, 5, and grandmother to a 2 year old.  She is a SAHM who homeschools her two younger children and

It’s a wonderful blog!  Mrs. Darling blogs about her life and gives everyone an incite to her daily “dribble” and her opinions on different topics. She writes about her children (Tink, Peter Pan, and Wendy) and her grandchild (Baby Jane).  This lady is detail oriented, she doesn’t miss a lick when it comes to telling the blogging community about the tasks she faces or problems she encounters and she absolutely loves to hear our opinions and and answer our questions!   

On top of being a great mother (and grandmother) she has delicious recipes which are posted for all to read!  I recommend the Baked Pumpkin Custard, it sound simply delightful!

 Welcome to BlogDumps Mrs. Darling!


Next Featured Blog! Lil’ Duck Duck!

Lil’ Duck Duck is a kid.  This blog is written by Lil’ Duck Duck’s Mom, Momma Duck.  She writes about the day to day things that her little one gets into and about different things that can help any mother with a toddler.

 In reading Momma Duck’s Profile, I don’t think I could better describe her blog with out quoting her:

My future plans for this blog – obviously adding more content, resources and articles for other moms of toddlers that will hopefully make your lives a bit better and save you from my fate – learning things the hard way (like no matter WHAT you use, red koolaid will never come out of your carpet if you are renting ).”

Her blog is well written with tons of humorous day to day activities of Lil’ Duck Duck. And on top of being a blogging mother, she designs baby announcements, invitations & cards (which, might I say, are beautifully done)

 You absolutely MUST check out her site! 



Thirteen Beautiful Days


1.The day(s) my kids were born 

2. The Christmas morning the kids and I went to the beach to watch the sunrise and then went home to open presents

3. One day while offshore sailing by myself, the dolphins followed along side me all day

4. When the kids and I went surf-fishing with Pop-pop every Saturday and spent time digging our toes in the sand

5. Pulling up to sunset beach Hawaii when the surf was 15 feet and no one was out but us

6.The day we moved out onto the farm in Eastern Shore Maryland.  The Beautiful Sunrise, the glistening snow, and a fresh new start.

7. The day I got my Suzuki motorcycle

8. When the kids and I went hiking in in the Poconos mountains where the bears were. We noticed the sign after hiking for an hour, it was a small sign.

9. The Boy Scout ski trip we all had a blast. 

10. Going to Disney World with the kids for the first time

11. When my two boys became Eagle Scouts

12. Seeing the excitement on my sons face when I took him to the dealer and bought him his Jeep Wrangler

13. Today because every day is a beautiful day!  It’s all in what we make it. I truely beleive we choose our own destiny.



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Nafcom’s crap blog

This does not look like crap to me! This site has alot of info and I found myself deep into reading everything! I found it to be informative. If you like tech stuff this is for you. It will be a regular read for me.

What a nice guy I was haveing some trouble with this site and he took the time to send me an e-mail with the error and the repair!

Stop by and and check out his site Nafcom’s Crap Blog 

Welcome to BlogDumps Nafcom, Nice to have you here.

Thanks for the link.




I think everyone will like Candy

The Gnostic World of Candy Minx, straight from Toronto, Canada (she was at Carmens party this weekend also!) There are party pictures.

Stop by and say “Hi” and checkout this artistic Lady from Canada. The food and festive pictures make me hungry and could someone please pass me a beer!

Welcome to BlogDumps!

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