Do You Have Issues?

Well, Margie Doesn’t.  She has a really awesome blog!

This is a great read. I had a good time reading Margie’s blog.  I had been all over this blog!  Everything is upbeat, lightly comical, and well written.

One of her latest posts show the projected path of Hurricane Ernesto.  I’m glad she posted it, I haven’t been paying much attention to the weather lately and it looks like this hurricane may be coming up the coast toward me! 

I am really jealous of her new surround sound.  There’s nothing like a “kick-ass” sound system and I love the bassett hound pic. 

Stop by and visit her at Do You Have Issues!.

Welcome to BlogDumps Margie!


2 thoughts on “Do You Have Issues?”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind review and words. Let’s hope Florida takes all the steam out of Ernesto and leaves him in pieces by the time he comes out into the Atlantic. As for some rain we sure can use a bit of that. Thank you again!

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