Next Featured Blog! Lil’ Duck Duck!

Lil’ Duck Duck is a kid.  This blog is written by Lil’ Duck Duck’s Mom, Momma Duck.  She writes about the day to day things that her little one gets into and about different things that can help any mother with a toddler.

 In reading Momma Duck’s Profile, I don’t think I could better describe her blog with out quoting her:

My future plans for this blog – obviously adding more content, resources and articles for other moms of toddlers that will hopefully make your lives a bit better and save you from my fate – learning things the hard way (like no matter WHAT you use, red koolaid will never come out of your carpet if you are renting ).”

Her blog is well written with tons of humorous day to day activities of Lil’ Duck Duck. And on top of being a blogging mother, she designs baby announcements, invitations & cards (which, might I say, are beautifully done)

 You absolutely MUST check out her site! 



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  1. She certainly does have a wonderful blog, and I also love her cards, announcements and invites! She is very talented!!!

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