Thirteen Beautiful Days


1.The day(s) my kids were born 

2. The Christmas morning the kids and I went to the beach to watch the sunrise and then went home to open presents

3. One day while offshore sailing by myself, the dolphins followed along side me all day

4. When the kids and I went surf-fishing with Pop-pop every Saturday and spent time digging our toes in the sand

5. Pulling up to sunset beach Hawaii when the surf was 15 feet and no one was out but us

6.The day we moved out onto the farm in Eastern Shore Maryland.  The Beautiful Sunrise, the glistening snow, and a fresh new start.

7. The day I got my Suzuki motorcycle

8. When the kids and I went hiking in in the Poconos mountains where the bears were. We noticed the sign after hiking for an hour, it was a small sign.

9. The Boy Scout ski trip we all had a blast. 

10. Going to Disney World with the kids for the first time

11. When my two boys became Eagle Scouts

12. Seeing the excitement on my sons face when I took him to the dealer and bought him his Jeep Wrangler

13. Today because every day is a beautiful day!  It’s all in what we make it. I truely beleive we choose our own destiny.



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12 thoughts on “Thirteen Beautiful Days”

  1. Beautiful TT =) and thanx for stopping by my blog……I will be back to read more this eve ……..(always a nice research break )…….

  2. Those sound like 13 beautiful days! So many great memories with your kids! I hope to make some of those kind of memories one day with my future kids.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!

  3. They all sound like wonderful days. A new jeep, how cool. I agree with 13, too.
    Oh… and my community has a population under 1000 but my 13 was on the town next door =) Small towns rock.

  4. Great list! I really believe that every day is a new day, with new things to explore, and if you really look around you, we can all learn and find something better then the last! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Very touching list and I like all the kinds of levels of enjoyment, from kids to cycles, very cool. The weather has just become perfect for motorcycles I think, I love this time of year.

    Enjoyed hearing your memeories and isn’t life strange with days that stand out from others…?

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