Beck is an artist, a really creative one.  She has a few of her works of art pictured on her site, they are all really cool to look at.  While in the process of writing this review, I caught myself sitting here looking at every picture as they scrolled by across the top of the page.  I would look at one and think, “Wow! I wonder how she got the color placement on every picture so perfect.” And at another one, “Is that a … Cat?”  She’s really very talented! 

Beck has also started writing a novel, and while I didn’t nose too far into what the novel is about, I do think that, based on reading her blog, it’s going to be excellent. 

In her post, Meteor Showers, she writes about watching the stars with her father when she was a kid and it really shows how happy she is about her own kid taking an interest in stargazing.  She writes with REAL emotion.  You can read her post and almost imagine the smile on her face as she sat outside watching the Meteor Shower. So, In short, BeCkaDoodles IS a blog worth reading with pictures of artwork that screams to be looked at!

Welcome to BlogDumps Beck! 

–Wolfbernz     Hawaiian Art         





2 thoughts on “BecKaDoodles”

  1. Wow thanks for the great write up! I’m all a blush!
    To help clear up some points…it’s a Sci-Fi novel (hence my love of the stars!) and yep that’s a kitty cat!

    Oh and not to be a booger…it’s BecK without the ‘a’. My momma calls me Becca and she’s allowed to cause she named me! hehehe That’s what she says anyway! hehehe

    Hey and thanks for starting this site it’s very cool! I found it by happy accident and thought why not…so keep it up!

    And thanks again for making me sound all good n stuff!


  2. Oooops, I took off the “a” I thought it was the same as the site name. I should have left it and just got permission from your momma…lol
    Thank You,I am glad you like my new place. I thought it might be fun!
    All the best

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