Win A Feature, Entrecard EC’s and a T-shirt!!

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What a hot day here again today! The heat and humidity are just overwhelming here on the Eastern Shore.

I have been working on the T-shirts I told you all about. To get your free T-shirt shipped to your door and get some Entrecard EC’s, check out this fun and easy contest…

We’re looking for another cool slogan for the next Batch of T-shirts.

This is going to be simple!

Leave your award winning T-SHIRT Slogan in a comment on this post or if you are one of those Hot-Shots that can come up with the next design, leave the URL of your design in the comments section Below. We will chose the best Slogan or Design from there.

So, what does the winner get?


  • A BlogDumps T-shirt
  • 200 EC’s
  • A feature and review on BlogDumps


  • A BlogDumps T-shirt
  • 150 EC’s


  • A BlogDumps T-shirt
  • 75 EC’s


1. No Copyrighted Slogans (IE – “Just Do It!”)
2. No Adult Slogans (or nudity in designs)
3. You need an Entrecard account – unless you don’t want ec’s that is.
4. Designs must have te BlogDumps Logo incorporated in them

5. This Contest starts NOW! and ends at 7pm EST on JULY 10, 2008
— That’s it I told You it was simple! —

A link to BlogDumps would be nice you can add your blog to the directory here and grab a cool button.

Bet You want to know what the T-shirts look Like!

I know I said I wasn’t going to have a contest but, well, I have all these shirts to give away and some extra Entrecard EC’s.

If you want a BlogDumps T-shirt, and don’t want to wait to win one, Submit Your Blog for a Platinum Feature!

All the Best!

. . . . . . . . . . .

15 thoughts on “Win A Feature, Entrecard EC’s and a T-shirt!!”

  1. Hi! I’m submitting my t-shirt design for the Blog Dumps competition. If you choose it let me know what format and resolution you need – I can prepare it for screenprinting if you need .eps, otherwise a 300dpi .png for dtg etc. Cheers! Paul – p.s check the link at

    Check out all my designs if you get bored

  2. *Image of a toilet* or *Image of a guy on a toilet* with text below or above…

    “Not Your Average Dump”

    “Not that kind of dump”

    “Not your average dump…”

    “Flush This…”

    “We make toilets jealous…”

    “We dump so you don’t have to”

    “Once A Day Is Recommended…”

  3. Hi – Someone seems to have linked my image (the blue dumper vector design which took me hours) to jtfmulder’s site? Can you link it to my blog as this is very confusing!

    I have actually featured a post about blog dumps
    btw – oscar is copyrighted by Jim Henson Company so i doubt u can use that lol!

  4. And I wonder why they make me ride the short bus to work!
    All fixed Sorry about that.

    Thanks for joining in on the contest.

    I have to go read your post…

    All the best

  5. in the t-shirt the lining will be as follows

    “Reading my t-shirt liner with ur eye will be considered as trespassing”.

    i hv a gud pix but due to some prb it is not loading….srry

  6. I won, I won! I actually wore my t-shirt too… =)

    Where are the winning slogans posted? Can you send me a link to it? I’d like to see which one of my ideas you went with… Thanks!

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