Thursday Oh Yeah!

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That means tomorrow is Friday! I can’t wait for this weekend! I am taking a little trip to the mountains again, maybe this time I will remember to take a camera… LOL 🙂

I really appreciate all of you that joined in Top Sites Tuesday that was a lot of fun! The Inferno won this week and is also the newest member to the BlogDumps community so make sure and stop by… And leave a comment – you know how much we all love comments 😀

A big welcome to The inferno!

Since The Inferno won this week I will do a mini blog review. Also you will notice that The inferno has become a BlogDumps supporter and been put on the BlogDumps supporters blogroll. We really appreciate all the support from our community members this helps us with making the site that much better. Trina and I have some great plans in the future for BlogDumps, I won’t spill the beans but they are awesome! 😀

Not much to report around here other than we had to fix BlogDumps Video to work in IE 8 and the latest Firefox edition… It’s all fixed and I didn’t crash anything… Yeah! Can you believe it? LOL

Have a great Thursday and since I have been doing a Thursday jam post what the heck here is one more!

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All the best,

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