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Is it Hot Yet?

Yes, it’s Hot Blogs Tuesday again, time goes so fast doesn’t it!

So I guess most everyone is following the news on our economy! I just hope things will get better for us all as spring comes into season.

As I watch on the news I feel blessed with what I have more and more each day. There are so many people that are having such a rough time especially those with kids… I know, I raised my fair share.

I have always been one to lend a hand when I could and always treated everyone as though they are better than me, no matter who they are. I know that sounds kind of corny, but I have made some interesting friends along the way and it has always helped me afford to live, you see I have always been self-employed and as a single parent, like a lot of you, it’s not an easy task.

I have started a “Bloggers Help America Fund” I think that if some of us, out of the fifteen million bloggers, banded together we could make a difference and have a positive impact on those that need help. I hope you will all join me on my journey. Let’s show the world how powerful little ‘ole bloggers can be!

All the best,

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