BlogDumps 4th Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday BlogDumps

Today is BlogDumps Birthday!! So instead of the usual posts we thought it would be fun to have a party!

Make sure to join in the fun, we are having a virtual pool party. The caterers have been here, the tables are set up, the food is started so any requests are welcome and the bar is now open. It would be great if everyone could bring something – simply leave it in the comments! If you bring something make sure to leave a link to your blog!

Since we are celebrating BlogDumps 4th Birthday we are starting Top Sites Tuesday Early! Let everyone know about the party and we will run it until Tuesday night and see how much fun we can have. We will calculate who is the top blog at that time. You can put your post up early or wait until Tuesday but the party starts Today!

This week’s winner will receive a newly designed BlogDumps T-shirt!

Everyone is welcome, Readers and Bloggers, – Whether you are new to the community or you have been around since the beginning come join the fun!

Using the HTML code below:

Right click, select all, then right click, copy, and paste into your blog post.

Come Join Top Sites Tuesday and be #1 on BlogDumps!

The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
Networking between bloggers to have fun while doing it!
Make sure to visit all the other participants and leave comments.


After your post is up, come back here and leave a comment that your post is up. Then everyone can visit your blog, leave a comment on your blog and then hit your make me number one button! This will be a great way to meet other bloggers and gain readers and comments for your blog. Networking is always the best way to go!

So grab the “Make Me Number One″ button code above add it to your blog post and join Birthday party fun, who knows, You could be number one!

Top Sites This Tuesday!

Your Caring Angels
Older Eyes
Babble Break
Pete’s ‘Todays the Day’ Quiz
Liggyz Dreamz
Trina’s Blog
Over Cups of Coffee


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39 thoughts on “BlogDumps 4th Birthday Party!”

  1. I’ll have some breakfast… Eggs Benedict, home fries and toast 🙂

    I am off to start my blog post!

    Happy Birthday BlogDumps

  2. Drowning Pool rocks! That reminds me, be sure to have some lifeguards on hand for us to ogle, oops, I mean to keep us safe…LOL!

  3. I could use another Margareta *Walks over to the Pool Bar*
    Where are the chips? Hiccup…

  4. OMG I missed most of the party because I was at work all day! Darn, I will have a tall one of what ever, I need it. Goes to the bar (everyone is asleep) gets her own drink and sits by the pool ……… goes to work on her post …………

  5. You Haven’t missed a lot we are just getting Started… It’s 1am here!
    See you all in the morning 🙂


  6. Thanks Psych Babbler!

    Careful AngelBaby has been trying to throw people in the pool…LOL

  7. Happy Birthday BlogDumps! A nice cool beer will be just right for me so that I can toast your past successes and look forward to more in the future!

    I’ve brought my ‘six pack’, but it’s not quite like the one your lifeguard has!!

    Cheers from the UK,

  8. Thanks AngelBaby

    *Pushes her in the pool with her sundress on* LOL I better run and hide for a bit…

    I’m with Pete a nice cold Beer sounds good right now 😀

  9. *Waving my arms around in the water and looking for that lifeguard Trina got*
    What a wonderful day… 😀

  10. Hey don’t be throwing me in the pool, you better hide! I am looking for wolfie and the lifeguard ……….. soon seen chasing the lifeguard around the pool ……… forget about wolfie …… I want that lifeguard ..

  11. could not catch that lifeguard – do you think he has been through this before?

    Well I am bringing the cake ………

    Don’t even try to trip me Wolfie ………

  12. Have to go get ready for work see everyone later ………..

    OMG I just saw one of Rubies flying monkey over by the bar. Did she miss one and leave it here? Watch out for the flying monkeys!

  13. Flying Monkeys?!? Watch out I remember what they did last year! What fun!

    Oh *YUM* Nice Cake Angelbaby!

    I think I’m going to mingle a bit… off to visit the partyers!

  14. I am happy that you liked my cake . I made it myself. Where is every one. – I am at work playing at the party – do you think my boss will notice? As she takes another piece of cake. ….

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