BlogDumps is Celebrating it’s Fourth Birthday!

I haven’t done the news for a couple of weeks so I thought it might be a good idea to let everyone know what’s up!

The Biggest news of the month is that BlogDumps will be four years old! Can you believe it? It has been four years already.
DO NOT USE THE WAY BACK MACHINE… It’s almost embarrassing to see the old site we have definitely come a long way!

This next week we will not be doing the normal Top Sites Tuesday we will be having a birthday party bash like we do every year. It will be a virtual party of course but you can bring Food, Party Favors, Music, photos, Videos … you get the point.

Make sure to let everyone know on your blog that you are participating and what you are bringing to the party. Make sure to leave a comment so everyone can check out your post when you join the party. The official date of BlogDumps Birthday is July 26 but we are going to start the party early on this coming Sunday so for those that have to work can join in the fun and get their blog noticed that they are participating. If you were around for last years party, I am sure you have not forgotten how much fun we had. I still think the flying monkeys crashed the server… LOL There was so many visitors you don’t want to miss the opportunity to gain some new readers to your blog.

I hope this year we can top last years party so invite all your friend bloggers and non bloggers are all welcome it’s going to be a blast 🙂 Make sure to bring a bathing suit the pool man has been by and the bar has been set up!

I am so happy that the bloggers on the web have accepted BlogDumps and have supported us for the last four years. Trina and I really appreciate all of you that have donated wear the BlogDumps badge and to those that have helped with some coding issues etc you have all made it possible for us to still be here on the web. We may not make a ton of money around here but we do try to have a lot of fun!

See you all on Sunday

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