We Entered The Twilight Zone

I guess this is what they call adventure 🙂

We left Bahia Santa Maria and headed North toward Turtle Bay. We made it there and got stuck in bad weather again. We had a small window so we went for it and made it to San Carlos safely.

We waited for days for the weather to break and we had a twelve hour window to make it to Bahia San Quintin so we went for that… What a crazy ride that was! We left two hours earlier than the weather window, we left at 7 that night. We were going to go between the land and Sacramento reef but it was night time so we decided to go around it on the outside.

We did ok except when we were leaving Bahia San Carlos we bent the anchor all up trying to pull it up on the boat.

We had fourteen miles to go to get to the outside of the reef when the motor started smoking, we had sails up so we let it idle and sailed all night just to go the fourteen miles to the reef. When we got three miles to the west of the reef and the wind became 30 plus miles an hour and ten to fifteen foot seas – then the mainsail had a problem, the flashlight broke, one of the front sails came unfurled on it’s own and had to be taken down, we hit a seaweed island and it was stuck to the bottom of the boat, the GPS broke and stopped working (we tried to fix it and we unhooked it from all power and the alarm was still going off!!!???) The Ipad GPS back-up stopped working (the two different GPS units said we were going in different directions!) Then all electronic equipment went out.

It was the strangest thing in the world…

So here we were in the middle of the mess when we hit a whirlpool and did 8 three sixties, lost our steering, it was like we were in the Twilight Zone.

We finally got the main sail going and we could not pass the reef due to wind and currents (and equipment failure)… we tried for three hours! We decided to go back to San Carlos. We fixed some of the mess and cleaned up the boat used the back-up for the back-up Mac computer for GPS and navigation charts and I drove us back toward were we came from by compass. We got close to where we could make a decision to go between the reef and land and head north again and not go back so I made the decision to go north between the reef and land and at least get to the next anchorage.

Trina took over navigation and gave me course and heading directions while I drove using the compass and the captain watched for kelp, crab pots, and Mexican pangas.

We made it to the next anchorage and it had big surf breaking and kelp everywhere so we decided to go for it to San Quintin where we are now. Everyone else wanted to turn back but I said I would rather get my ass kicked than quit!!!

We were all up for 36 hours straight but we made it safe and sound. All is well we are working on the boat fixing things, one of the crew is going under the boat with dive gear to check the bottom. We have another weather window on Friday at midnight but we won’t leave unless we have most things working again. The motor is fixed, we are working on the rest. We only have two hundred miles to go to get back to the good ‘ol USA and we are on our way home back to my nice soft bed. Oh Yeah 🙂

Wolfbernz and Trina

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One thought on “We Entered The Twilight Zone”

  1. What an adventure you are having, just be safe, OK? Are you going to stop by here before you fly home? I hope so!

    Love you guys!

    Love and Blessings,

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