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Whistle-stop Saturday!

Well, not only was President-elect Obama on the 137-mile journey, a trip that started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and retraced the train ride Abraham Lincoln took on his way to becoming president in 1861, along for the ride was his wife Michelle, Vice President Elect Joe Biden and his Wife. As they passed through the area, Obama gave an awesome, awe-inspiring speech in Baltimore, Maryland, to approximately 40,00 people who stood in the frigid cold weather to hear him speak and witness this historic occasion.

I hope he brings change, peace and prosperity to our nation.

I don’t think it is ironic that he rode the historical track of President Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves by signing the Emancipation Proclamation, I think his historical ride finished the job. Not only are the black men and women free, but now we have a black man as a President. We ARE a country of free and equal people.

With 2 million people expected to hit the streets of Washington, D. C. on Tuesday for Obama’s Inauguration and their closing of the bridges across the Potomac River into the city, along with most of the downtown. I think that Most of America will have the best seats in the house… their house. No Crowds, Front Row View, and You can jump in the car to go get party snacks if you want. LOL

Obama's Train ride to the Inaguration

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