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Thanks to all of you that joined in Top Sites Tuesday! I had a lot of fun and I would like to welcome the newest member

Pete’s Quizzes

He has a really fun blog – you should check it out! I would tell you more but then, well, just go look… you will be glad you did!

I have been poking around on the internet today, as usual, and I am checking out this new search engine called Bing!


We’ve heard about it on the news a lot, but I really don’t know much about it. It appears to be Microsoft’s answer to the Google search — do we need another Google?

So what is so different about this search engine? It looks to me, at first glance, to be just another search page. It does have a nice looking background (I think I had that as a desktop background, back in the 90’s…lol)

Ok, so I took the Bing tour. Of course they want you to bookmark their site to be your default search page or homepage… Then again you can do that right here on BlogDumps front page with the Google custom search on the top right of the page you get all the same results and do not have to leave BlogDumps.

I noticed that BlogDumps, when it was just a blog directory, was being used as a search site also. That’s when we decided to create the new front page of BlogDumps! It had the Google search in the middle of the page, but it looked like just another search page – there wasn’t much to it. So we decided if we were visiting Bloggers, what would I want out of a home page? We even used to have the “make this your home page” button on there, but then we thought that if Bloggers liked BlogDumps, they would bookmark it or make it their home page – no need for me to have another button there.

When looking at Bing, I didn’t see much more to it than the other six million search pages on the web but maybe I am just missing something?

I looked for tools for us webmasters and bloggers, they offer your standard sets of webmaster tools. OMG! Do I have to start worrying about getting indexed in another search engine?!? Now will I have a Bing/Google Page Rank? Do I need continuing education for this?

You can make sure your site is getting indexed and see where you stand. You can buy advertising (just like Google Adwords) but Bing does not offer a way to help make you money… no affiliate program. But you can put their search on your page and help make them money. I think I’ll stick with Google.

Seriously, Bing is just ANOTHER Search Engine! Why all the fuss on the news?

Have a great Thursday Night!