Special Bloggers Help America Tuesday

This Tuesday will not include the Top Blogs sending traffic… I know, I hear you!

There is always next Tuesday. I think this is important to write about.

A fellow Blogger Shinade posted about Bloggers Help America and received some negative feedback because they don’t know who we are at BlogDumps. So I added and revised the Bloggers Help America Page. We added all our contact information and when we started and who owns the site etc… I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. I really think that this could be a great thing if we all banded together, we can make a difference!

Thanks to you that have joined the rest of us!




Bill’s Blog On The River



When Shinade donated, she suggested the following charity for us to consider when we make our first donation from the Bloggers Help America Fund:

The Turner Syndrome Society Of America. This is a genetic disorder that only affects women. Their medical costs are phenomenal. Even with insurance many of them can’t afford everything they need to stay alive. This Foundation receives very little attention and needs support very much. The women suffer many terrible things associated with this disorder. Life expectancy is is very short. I think the longest recorded is early 50’s. Please, please, consider this. They are desperate for funding to help all females that are born with this. I think the URL is here Thank you.

I hope all of you will visit this site and learn more!

Please Join Us, Bloggers Help America

Have a great week,

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