Saturday’s Hot Blogs

I am so glad it’s the weekend! I have absolutly no plans… Thank Goodness.

Woofy and I are going to relax and hang out, Mabe I’ll have a drink this evening and try to keep Woofy out of it. Yes, don’t turn your back on your drink or Woofy will slurp it down, then sneeeze for about five minutes and then look for more. Nothing worse then a house roving wolf who has had a drink!

Woofy was quite entertaining yesterday, Cordy and I were putting in a new water heater in the garage and, well, Woofy decided to run off with Cordy’s shoe. Under normal circumstances, that would be ok but Cordy was still in it! LOL

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satin2jain is this one from?


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One thought on “Saturday’s Hot Blogs”

  1. I am surprised that Woofy didn’t take your shoe! Sounds like you two had fun while you were working, thank God for Woofy! It is nice to know that you get out there and do some really hard work now and then my dear little brother! hehehehe!

    Love and Blessings,

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