Saturday Night Dump

I can’t believe the year is almost over.

I spent the day doing some after Christmas Sale Shopping… I can’t believe some of the awesome deals! Why can’t these deals go on before Christmas? Guess the best part is that I wasn’t one of those people standing in the extra long return lines! Poor Folks!

Well, This is the last Saturday Night Dump for the year 2008 so here are the

Top Blog Sending Traffic this last Saturday of 2008

Middone – A linking website cornered around plugboards. Plugboards are fun you should try them sometime!

Coffee Break? – One of my favorite Bloggers. Ms. Nancy hosts her blog right here on BlogDumps and I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts every chance I get.

All About Me – Amy Auroras has been a BlogDumps community member almost since we started! Poor thing has been snowed in for far too long this winter!

My Daughter’s Wedding – A new blog on BlogDumps. This mother provides help for anyone planning a wedding from the engagement to the wedding cake! She has some great ideas and offers invaluable information!

The Tiki Oasis – Sure wish I had checked out this one sooner! I know just the person who would have totally enjoyed the Lightsaber Umbrella!

No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right! – Interesting point of view

INTRADAY TIPS B.S.E (INDIA)… – Another longtime member of the BlogDumps Community, however it looks as though his posts have been slowing down

Your Caring Angels – My dear Blogging Auntie! She post some of the most interesting and fun things to read about!

All these Blogs are assets to the BlogDumps community and you must check them out.

Have a Happy New Year!

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