Ruby Slippers- The Saturday Night Dump

Legs In The Attic

Thoughts, spiritual experiences, happenings and insights from the woman who discovered the Personal Connector Word to God

Ruby’s Blog, Legs in the Attic, a 21st century Spiritual Blog, was the Top Site sending traffic Tuesday!

After reading Ruby’s blog post, I WISH I WERE AS SPIRITUAL AS MY DOG! I felt enlightened and my mind broadened. I must say, I really like what she has to share in her blog posts.

In reading about her vacation, A BLOGLESS AUGUST or 10 REASONS TO TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER, I realized that even when I go on vacation, I am not disconnected from my blogs. I can hardly imagine not checking my email for a day. It’s amazing how such a simply post can be so very enlightening.

I have examined my own self and have come to realize the we all leave a part of our soul in places of the trials and tribulations that we go through each and everyday. Sometimes life can be so hard to deal with but it is at those times we must let go and let blind faith lead us down what ever path that has been chosen for us. It is there and only there we will find peace in our lives.

I guess Ruby could tell us where to find this passage but we all know the verse.

*He maketh me lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul*

So all those little pieces that we leave all over the place shall all be put back together and we shall have peace.

I really appreciate Ruby being a part of the BlogDumps community and sharing all she does with us. I am not much of a writer but I can say when you visit her blog you will enjoy every minute she is definitely a much better writer then I. 🙂 You will find so many wonderful posts that help fill your life with joy and lead you in a positive direction.

Ruby I hope this is the only time you ever get dumped!

Have a great Saturday night

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3 thoughts on “Ruby Slippers- The Saturday Night Dump”

  1. Congratulations Ruby!! You have a wonderful blog that I enjoy reading allot. I always find something there to remember. Thank you for being my friend. 😉

    Have a wonderful day! 😎

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Wow….thanks Wolf and Angelbaby. I didn’t see this article until today and was surprised and delighted at your comments. Blogdumps is such a warm and friendly place to hang out at. . . I am honored to be a part of your community here. You are such good souls!

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