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It is almost hard to believe BlogDumps has been on the web for eight years, I know right? Time seems to fly by fast, please don’t use the way back machine to see what we looked like!

BlogDumps Has come a long way from just a link dump that started without any kind of search engine optimization. We grew, making friends along the way who were cool enough to add their two cents of knowledge. With the ability to accept constructive criticism the site just got better.

We started adding new features to the site, cross linking them to sister sites, then, in the end, there was too much on the site instead of remembering our initial goal. The ability to loose focus on what your website set out to be at this point is very easy to do.

As we grew we wanted to give back to the bloggers with reviews and a link to their blog for supporting us. This didn’t help the site in the end… We looked like a “paid to blog” site to Google.

The crunch came and I’m not talking about the economy. To us that have a website it was worse, this was global.
The internet giant Google had an update to its search engine results. Google ranks web sites 1 through 10. To have zero means you won’t show in Google search. Not many sites get a ten.

BlogDumps had a page rank of 6 before Google’s Update. We had advertising, people who wanted to add paid links etc… Another mistake according to Google, can you say text links!

So here we were in 2012 BlogDumps, Google Updated and we now had a page rank of 0, yes 0.

After thousands of dollars and years of hard work, six years to be exact, BlogDumps hit the Dump itself.
Advertisers we had on the site got hit also and then they were gone!

We decided to do the BlogDumps Tuesday Meme (everyone would stop by add their post to the blog for others to read) then repair BlogDumps to new standards. Who would have thought it could take so much to clean up servers of old unwanted content, links, etc.

But we did just that and we continue today, I hope we finish soon lol

We also, after much clean up, asked Google to reconsider our website. Explaining we were not a paid review site and links to our bloggers were just a thank you for joining BlogDumps.

Well we waited hoping that this would work.

In the interim we cleaned, got hacked, it was a hard time on the web. It almost felt like we were chasing ghosts.
I don’t know if the video sharing on BlogDumps will ever recover – every time we fix it the hackers come again.

You can see the dilemma, what to do!

Well, when your having trouble, simplify and go back to the basics. You’re probably saying “ok coach back to basics”

Seriously though, we took a good look at what we were doing on all our websites and decided that the basic elements in the site were the most important.

What is the site about and what is the goal?

Then the objective becomes to get rid of anything on the site that keeps you from achieving your goals. Cross linking domains, links that take visitors off the page and focus more on the sole purpose of BlogDumps to add blogs to the directory. And do this with in-house links on our front page.

After two years following this plan BlogDumps has achieved a page rank of “4” and we have done exactly what we set out to do. To be one of the best blog directories on the web.

No logins, no passwords, no Bull, just add our button fill out the form and your blog will get immediately included in the directory.

Now that Google has reconsidered BlogDumps and with a page rank of 4, traffic is up, now is a great time to add your blog. When you are adding your blog, make sure to choose a category or your blog will be in the “Dump category” and remember make sure to place our link where our spider can find it.


Back to basics. When people come to your site what are they there for?

Use fresh clean content and focus on using relative links from your own site.

Remember don’t get lost in giving your visitors too much to look at. A simple site is easy to navigate and visitors won’t be overwhelmed.

Happy blogging,

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