Daily Wild Life

It was just that! What a great day here on the Eastern Shore… It was very hard to stay inside, well at one point I was done I was out in the sun and Trina was right behind me! I guess we should be happy and feel blessed where we work, it’s right on the river and it just makes all life’s little changes seem so simple when you step outside on the deck or go down by the water near the river.

Here are a couple of Photos from the back of the office Trina is in one but my camera sucks…
my bad 🙁
Back Of The Office By The River AT Wolfbernz

Back Of Wolfbernz Office

As you can see I am still working on my sidebar widget for the blog I want the bloggers avatar to show if they leave a quickie comment in the sidebar… I know way to much time on my hands…

If you think that’s too much… check out the new site I have up for my Grandson, Jacob Wadde Barnes, it’s DailyWildLife.com It’s kinda like getting him a football – He is a bit young…lol But it has all the cool stuff about animals and all the proceeds will go to a college fund for him! Make sure if you are going to buy on amazon go click through this site for him… Thanks!

Anyway I hope all of you are having a good week. I did find a small bug today but nobody even noticed it, it was an easy fix… The comments weren’t working on the Batavia theme for BlogDumps Bloggers, but they are now. (cough…Sandy, you didn’t catch that!?)

There are a Some new bloggers on BlogDumps I will Post About them here soon and post a link so you all can welcome them.

You know what Thursday means!

Tomorrow is Friday…Yea!

. . .