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What a ride the last four weeks have been… In fact, I am not sure if it has been three or four weeks but then again who’s counting!?!

Finally things are getting back to normal, well as normal as it gets…LOL

Trina and I have had a lot of fun even though we had been stuck waiting for weather many times and had a few rough moments during the ride to bring the sailboat up the coast to San Diego. I guess they are right though, it’s the bumps along the way that make this an adventure.

We met some really cool people along the way up that were on other boats and we’ve buddy boated up the coast with them from about half way up the Baja. It was a pleasure to finally meet them after just radio contact, have dinner and a couple drinks. It is nice how in the boating community that even though you haven’t met face to face there is a camaraderie amongst each boat and the crews. It also makes it nice when you are in the middle of nowhere that someone is looking to see how you are doing and if you made it to the next anchorage or marina safely.

We just checked out of Mexico and are going to make our last crossing to San Diego late Friday night and will be there on Saturday morning. Then we jump on a plane and off to the farm on the East coast.

I haven’t had a chance to welcome all of you that have created your new blogs here since we have been on this trip, so welcome to the BlogDumps community ๐Ÿ™‚ I am normally always around so if you need help you can find a contact and help link on the main page of BlogDumps in the footer of the page. Since I am back on the job I will be going over the blogs and checking around to make sure the community is clean of porn or links to porn or hate type blogs. If you are surfing the site and find on of these, please report it and help me keep the site clean.

For those of you who are new to the community, make sure to stop by the discussion forum and announce your blog, there is a thread there just for that so don’t be shy – jump in there and let us all know what you are blogging about and leave a link so we can all visit ๐Ÿ™‚

The other news is there will be a Top Sites Tuesday this week, it will be “Two Thoughts On Tuesday” for those that want to have your post done ahead of time.

Also, we will be back on schedule for the Saturday Funnies and Sunday Music starting next weekend so if you would like to have a link back from BlogDumps Blog on those posts make sure to upload a funny video or a favorite song and I will use them and give you credit for it. You can upload and host your Videos, Music, and photos here, keep them in public or private albums.

I am working on an idea for a contest for the best video and best photo I am not sure on all the details yet but I thought that might be something fun and if it is something that goes over well we will do it maybe once a month.

So that’s it, everything has been working just fine, the server techs are awesome as always we have had no problems or issues… I will just keep plugging along working on improvements to help promote all of you so you gain readers and get some comments on your posts.

Have a great weekend!

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