BlogDumps is Cleaning Up!

So here we are at a turning point In the life of BlogDumps.
It has been a great seven years on the web!
BlogDumps jumps in and out of the top 100 thousand sites with a visitor count of 15 to 20 thousand unique visitors a month.
After seven years we here at BlogDumps want more for the site and with some work and clean up we seek a good future for the site.

BlogDumps Bloggers ( will be cleaned out of old non used blogs to make way for others who want to have a blog.
If you have not used your blog in over a year it might be archived and if you do not contact us it will be deleted from our database.

We hope to have blog registrations open soon!
BlogDumps is moving to the next level going forward to give both bloggers and readers a place to find each other.

BlogDumps is a unique kind of Free Link Dump for your blog.
Get noticed and gain readership with no logins, dashboards to deal with.

You may find some of the features of BlogDumps down while we work on the site.

All blog submissions and directories will stay up and running.
Look for new categories in the near future.

Submit your blog today!

You can submit your blog for addition to the directory here
I would like to thank all of you that have dumped your blog and supported us, without bloggers this site would be a Dump!

Have a great day,