BlogDumps – Finally it’s Friday!

Well, good news this week! I am taking off the captcha… LOL due to popular demand to do so, it will be removed!
I have been getting so much spam it’s insane. The worst part is that they have become better so I gave to read a lot of them to make sure I don’t delete one of you all’s comments.

I received an email from SMF, the developers that wrote the script we use for the discussion forum, and they are going to add B tubed to the next release so all of the forums (not just ours) will support B Tubed video and music embeds… Isn’t that great? This will bring our little community more readers and to all of our blogs! I don’t know about you but I am glad to see we are finally being recognized and some are beginning to see we are here to stay 🙂

If you are new around here, we are a community that has a lot to do, so mosey around BlogDumps and you will find most all you need from adding your blog to the directory, a Free Twitter background maker to video and music uploads, we have a discussion forum – a place for you to announce your blog to the community and network with other bloggers. I would really like to see some more of you use the discussion forum and share what you know for all the newbies or just start some trouble… LOL If you have something you want to promote please use the shameless blog promotion you can add a link to your blog for whatever it is. Around here we are all about getting readers to your blog.

If you haven’t submitted your blog you can do it here, we are human edited so you will be added to the list make sure to chose a category and describe your blog or you will end up in the Dump category. Yes we have a Dump category after all we are a blog dump… If you do not want to wait you can fast track your blog submission just for a few bucks and for a couple dollars more be a featured blog too. Here is the page to add your blog.

Some more of you have downloaded the BlogDumps Instant Messenger thanks for the IM’s Smileys are found by right clicking on the text box! For those that don’t know the IM has the ability to send text, make audio calls, and you can make video calls too. If you want to exchange file you can send them back and forth to each other. There is also chat rooms for those who want to get all there friend together and video chat you can get a lot of people in a video chat.

So have fun and enjoy the site there is plenty to do around here with more features coming as we grow. Thanks for being a part of the community all of you make it worth the time and effort… You guys are awesome 😀

I thought I would add a cool song from B Tubed after all it’s Friday and time to get excited and have some fun!!!

TGIF, Oh Yeah!


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