Top Sites Tuesday #163 – Two Thoughts On Tuesday

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“Two Thoughts On Tuesday”

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The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
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Top Sites This Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Liggyz Dreamz
The Art of Being Conflicted
Older Eyes
Trina’s Blog

Have a great day 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Top Sites Tuesday #163 – Two Thoughts On Tuesday”

  1. I was having some trouble with the two captcha codes on Trina’s blog. I don’t know if it’s the Ubuntu system I’m on right now. I will try again later from another computer later.


    Also, I could not find Bud’s blog post.

  2. Fear not, Liggy. Old Bud had a senior moment and forgot to hit the “Schedule” button on his blog. It’s up now.


  3. Trina, I am running into the same problem as Liggy. I am getting an error message saying there is an error with the CAPTCHA code. I,too will try later.

  4. OK…I am officially jinxed today. Wolf, I put a comment on your post and it didn’t show up so …me being me..decided to put a second comment because my first thought always assumes I did something wrong. Submitted a second comment and nothing. As you haven’t used moderation in the past I am assuming there is something funky going on in comments today. You may get two comments from me or none. Hell if I know????

  5. Hi All,

    Cheryl you are not alone 🙂 It must be one of those days!
    My theme just stopped taking comments all together so I am fixing it now.


  6. Hey guys, Fear not, I totally had a DOH! moment. I was updating a few things on my blog and guess I missed updating permissions on the temp folder :X

    Well, feel free to stop by again 🙂 I fixed it!


  7. Thanks everyone. Now I don’t feel so “senior.” 🙂

    By the way, I’m getting a DISH Summer Sales thing instead of the usual CAPTCHA code and the code is always the same. It let’s me in, though.


  8. I couldn’t get in this time with that DISH Summer Sales code so I clicked the reload button and got 3X More Soap Scum. LOL!

    Have a great night, everyone!

  9. Just to add to the fun, Wolf, your Wine and Cheese link didn’t work. But I found your post. At least this way, there are lots of comments here!

  10. HI Bud
    I have no idea what happened this week!
    It did make for an interesting Tuesday for sure 🙂

    Have a good week

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