Top Blogs Tuesday

It’s another cold rainy day here on the Eastern Shore.
The new HD (high Def) Player on the video part of the site seems to be working well we have had a few glitches here and there but isn’t that with everything we do on the web?

I am going to take a small break from screwing up working on the site… LOL
I am going to sit back and just blog for awhile!
I have to say thanks to Trina and all the programmers for putting up with me if it isn’t perfect I am not a happy guy, Thank you all for you patience we have worked hard to make BlogDumps Video the best on the web just for all you bloggers.

So you guys better print this… LOL

Thanks to the team at BlogDumps!

Thanks for the expert help at Agriya The best Programmers around!

It’s top sites Tuesday so here they are.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:
We ended up #8 out of all of them YEA! Thanks for the votes all!

Have a wonderful week everyone,


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